Daycare Preschool Mold Remediation Pacific Pure Maintenance

Daycare Cleaning

Children love playrooms. Bright colors, sunshine, toys. They love activities and being around their friends. But, as a business owner, you might have other things on your mind. You might be worried about your daycare kids’ health and your own. Pure Maintenance of OC can ease those worries! With our dry fog system, we can create a healthy environment again. We can remove odors and create a barrier against future mold.

Our Cleaning System

If your building has had water damage, you have high humidity, notice black spots, you may wish to have an air quality test and swab test to check. Especially in those older buildings. Mold creates bad health effects and, at the very least, bad odors. Not good for everyone. Pure Maintenance of OC experts will help you figure out the best course of action.

Our dry fog technology eliminates mold. It can fill a space with ease. Not only that it’s safe and leaves no residue. It eliminates odors and creates a barrier against future mold.

Thorough and Complete Remediation

You depend on your business being open. So do your kids. Because of that, we work around your schedule. Our dry fog remediation process can be completed in the evening hours or weekends, so there’s no need for closure. It also takes care of your entire space, from sinks to HVAC units. Mold will be eliminated. We guarantee zero black mold and warranty our work.

Let the mold remediation experts take care of your business and the important work that you do every day.

Move the fight on fungus back in your favor. Schedule your estimate now!