Testimonials – Pacific Pure Maintenance


Tammy C.

Cannot thank Walter and his team enough for taking care of my step mom’s house with this new technology to remove the mold, germs smoke and bacteria is just amazing!!!! Not only does it remove it but also prevents new growth. My step Mom has COPD and the quality of air she is now breathing… Read More »

Kim S.

My son had bad cold symptoms for months. Several doctor appointments and antibiotic rounds later they finally decide it’s allergies. I thought, well I know he’s allergic to mold but there isn’t any mold at my house. We decided to have this treatment done ‘just in case’. The technician came and was prompt, thorough, and… Read More »

Janis B.

A few things you should know about Pacific Pure Maintenance: 1. It will cost a fraction of the price to use this method rather than a traditional demolition mold removal company. Demolition methods are outdated. This is next level technology that makes homes healthier. 2. It will take a LOT less time and work and… Read More »

Tj8277 B

We hired Pacific Pure Maintenance for our house because 2 of our children were having suspicious allergy reactions after they spent time in our basement. We were not aware of any obvious mold growing in the basement, so we were perplexed as to why this was happening. Walter came over and identified a potential source… Read More »

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