Gym Dry Fog Mold Cleaning Services Pacific Pure Maintenance

Gym Mold Removal

Gyms across America are filled with guys and girls who are trying to live healthy. Unfortunately, they are also full of equipment that is constantly being touched and handled by sweaty hands.

Since no one knows where those hands have been, Pure Maintenance has a solution to keep your gym mold free. Using its patented two-part system Pure Maintenance will come back every 90 days to give your weights, treadmills, and lat towers another round of 90 day mold protection. Make sure your gym is EverPURE certified.

Gym Mold & Mildew Remediation through Dry Fog

Dry fog is the newest and best way to apply to your gym. Pure Maintenance will come in during the night and apply a 90 day mold protection to every square inch of your gym. By the time you open in the morning, your clients will be working out in a clean and protected environment.

Move the fight on fungus back in your favor. Schedule your estimate now!